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club version SYMPHONY X
2010 (formed)

featuring Ari Benjamin Meyers, Max Loderbauer, Lillevan

[image: sym x trio 1]
[image: sym x trio 2]
[image: sym x trio 3]

audio sample 1

audio sample 2

audio sample 3

featuring the original Redux Orchestra tracks remixed live by Ari Benjamin Meyers with live electronics by Max Loderbauer and live video by Lillevan

Together with Max Loderbauer, Ari Benjamin Meyers has made an electro-acoustic version of SYMPHONY X with Lillevan being invited to create and perform a live film that meshes with the textures and rhythms of SYMPHONY X, approaching the realm of truly visual music. This is a version of SYMPHONY X that can be performed in clubs, at festivals, or in galleries.

For SYMPHONY X TRIO booking and queries please contact Mo Loschelder
or visit the Media Loca website for further information.

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