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Pink Taxi

a film by Uli Gaulke

film music by Ari Benjamin Meyers

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Marina, Alla and Viktoria are taxi drivers in one of the fastest and toughest cities in the world. While Moscow is drowning in chaos, their PINK TAXI is a place of ease and sereneness. The three friends are good listeners, and this is what their female customers appreciate. With them they feel safe and start chatting about fashion, career and of course - men.

Men, who are not allowed to ride with Marina, Alla and Viktoria. "The weaker sex", they laugh while out for a drink after work, and they wish them to be stronger. Because their own husbands were thrown off course after Perestroika and economic depression they drank themselves to death or ran off with a younger woman. So, the three have to bring up their kids by driving taxis. They have sons who rather dream of being football stars than work hard for a living and daughters who hopefully don't repeat their mother's mistakes with their first love. Every day, a new generation of women is sitting on the back seat of their taxis, women who seem to live in a different Russia: modern, successful, untroubled their dreams have all come true and they've even found true love, they say.

Marina, Alla and Viktoria are happy for them, they get them through the city safely and give good advice for their lives. They stick together, sing along with romantic songs on the radio and keep on dreaming of the day a man comes who is not a "fat and lazy tomcat".

Press reviews

"A warmhearted film from the Russian winter." Zitty Berlin

"Pink Taxi is a precise portrait of three strong, sympathetic women, who hold their own in the conflict of their financial struggles and wishes and who haven't lost their ability to dream."

"Uli Gaulke succeeds in making us almost forget about the camera." Aviva Berlin

"Uli Gaulke's Moskow documentry Pink Taxi stands out due to an intimate, unintrusive look at his heroines." Tagesspiegel

Awards / Festivals

Hof International Film Festival 2009
DOC/FEST Sheffield
Film Festival Cottbus 2009
dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg 2010
Bozen IFF 2010
Minneapolis/St. Paul IFF 2010

Cast / Crew


Marina Uljanova
Alla Kondratjeva
Viktoria Stotzkaja


Uli Gaulke

Helge Albers

Commisioning Editor
Martin Pieper (ZDF/Arte)

Axel Schneppat

Raimund von Scheibner

Uli Gaulke

Ari Benjamin Meyers

Line Producer
Ole Nicolaisen

1st AD/Translations
Lena Rem

A Flying Moon Produktion

in Co-Production with

in Collaboration with

supported by
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenbur
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